Omikron Graphix was established in 1996 with the aim of providing high quality creative design and print management services. Since then we aim to service our clients and the environment simultaneously by offering “Eco-Efficient” Solutions, such as websites and recycled materials.

The goal of “Eco-Efficiency” is essentially to “do more with less”. This can be achieved by using the Internet to prevent or reduce the amount of waste entering the environment, while creating new, cost effective business work-flows.

It just doesn’t make sense to hire three different agencies to present your brand in three different environments. So while there are branding experts and advertising firms out there, we believe your brand is better served by a group that experts those fields under one roof. A single unit that always has its eye on the bigger picture... your picture.

With our Internet Hosting Server which is controlled and solely owned for only web development projects, we offer extremely competitive pricing on our range of extensive services allowing you to put together the perfect internet solution for your business.

We also specialise in the design of a wide variety of printed materials and substrates. Our team can design, develop and print your project, and from there post it electronically on the world wide web, thus giving you consistency in design elements right through in all aspects of marketing of your corporate branding and identity.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business save money with marketing strategies long term and save the environment simultaneously.